Extra features

All you can imagine

Bluetooth logoBluetooth

Hifi loss-less audio streaming quality over Bluetooth 4.0 (Android and IOS)

Wifi logoWifi

Wifi streaming over UPNP, DLNA and Airplay (Android and IOS)

Wireless charging logoWireless Charging

According to Qi standards the phone can be charged just placing it on top of the unit

Digital multiamplifier logoDigital Multi Amplifier System (DMAS®)

Each speaker has its own amplifier. This is the only way to truly control the response of each speaker. The entire system is based on this feature and allows the computer to crossover the drivers. This is the first time this type of system is cheaper than traditional passive crossover and it's also superior in filtering capabilities.

USB ports

Music is accessible over mass storage devices

USB 5v outlet

If the wireless charging is not an option but still need to charge the smart phone

$0 profit policy

We are not making any profit from this speaker, our only objective for now is to grow as a company

Bill of materials BOM (for a pair)

Item number $
15" woofer 2 130
4" full range 2 105
Electronics, wires and connectors - 195
Cut and painted wood and other visual components - 305
Importing costs - 95
3rd party companies services - 60
Kickstarter + Bank fee 5+3% 80
Sub total 970
Error margin (unpredictable problems) 3% 29
Total 999

Easy to ship

To keep the shipping costs low the Freedom Speaker was designed as an assembly at home system. It only takes 30 minutes to assembly all the panels. For the same price an assembled unit is available, but the shipping cost will be higher.


Frequency response (+-1dB) 20-20000 Hz
In room frequency response (+1-3dB)* 20-20000 Hz
Maximum SPL 106 dB
Phase Shift bass driver (20-125Hz) +-9 º
Phase Shift full range driver (125-20000Hz) +-9 º
Weight 10 Kg
Dimensions 0.4x0.4x0.8 m
Mains 110-240 V
50-60 Hz
Power 300 W
50-60 Hz
Audio inputs RCA, jack, SPDIF, Bluetooth, Wifi/Ethernet (DLNA UPNP Airplay)
Audio output Jack (Headphones amplifier)
Wireless charger Qi compatible 10 W
2x 5 V USB output 1200 mA
*(In order to get a good SPL, for placing the drivers and listening position, take a look at the instructions)