Digital Signal Processing

Moved beyond to a new level

Here is where the digital magic gets real. The Freedom Speaker is Open Source and Open Hardware. It's based on a quad core 1 GHz processor.


Auto digital room correction logoADRC® (Auto Digital Room Correction)

With a microphone provided and calibrated, the system is able to measure the environment and generate a series of filters to correct the small effect of the room. The frequency response is perfect, no phase distortion and no echo or reverberations.

Auto driver aging correction logoADAC® (Auto Driver Aging Correction)

The time influence the speakers, particularly: suspension, cone and magnet. Even after an ADRC the room mask the real measure of the drivers, but we can hear that age changes as the human ear is incredibly sensitive. To solve this problem, four measurements are made close to each driver, one by one. The system will correct every change in them.

Human ear response correction logoHERC® (Human Ear Response Correction)

The human ear doesn't work in the same way at different volumes. If the volume is very low the bass is barely present. According to the equal loudness contours the response is corrected

equal loudness contours

Human ear equal loudness contours.

Stereo field enhancer logoSFE® (Stereo Field Enhancer)

In a normal stereo system, no more than 45º of dispersion is achieved. There are two speakers and we have two ears. With headphone the sound from one speaker goes directly to one ear. Non headphone speakers suffer from crosstalk: the sound from one speaker goes to both ears (with some attenuation). This reduces the stereo image (approximately 15º degrees).

equal loudness contours

Normal stereo configuration.

Applying crosstalk cancellation its possible to boost the image again to 60º degrees. The SFE processes the signal and uses the two speakers not only to cancel the crosstalk but even to increase the sound image beyond the position of the speakers.

True sound reproduction logoTSR® (True Sound Reproduction)

All of this features together are called TSR®. The only system in the world that provides the customer a immersion in audio reality