Why is it so good?

The Freedom Speaker is based on a full DIPOLE speaker configuration assisted by a very powerful digital processor

There is no box... Yes... it's true, it's completely OPEN. Front a back radiation waves work synergically to bring the best sound possible.

""This is the first time a full dipole speaker is equipped with a digital signal processing... and it's affordable.""


Sound exactly as recorded

No interferences caused by echo or reverberations in the room

The room is an acoustic element which always modifies the sound reproduction of the speakers. The nature of the dipole configuration bonded to the True Sound Reproduction (TSR®) completely counteracts the effects of the room. "I closed my eyes and couldn't tell where I was... It's like listening to music in an open space, like a concert"


Digital Signal Processing

Quad Core 1 GHZ processor

The most powerful Audio Signal Processing ever implemented. This features include Auto Digital Room Correction (ADRC®). Human Ear Response Correction (HERC®). Auto Digital Aging Correction (ADAC®). Stereo Field Enhancer (SFE®) True Sound Reproduction (TSR®): perfect frequency response and no phase delay.


Still not impressed?

The features didn't end here.

Bluetooth and WIFI

Wires? Who needs that? Loss-less transmission of music

Wireless Charger

Streaming music for a long time... seems like your battery will drain soon. Just place the phone on top of the speaker and it will start charging.

USB mass storage compatibility

Play music from your Pen drive. This provides a source to charge your phone too

Digital Multi Amplifier System (DMAS®)

One amplifier for each driver.

No profit policy

There is no aggregated profit on this project, please just remember our brand (JsgSound) for the future.

Easy to ship

Flat package for cheap shipping or assembled unit at the same price.

Available in January 2016

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